Legal and administrative consulting services in the field of cultural heritage.

Technical Appraisal Service for Art - A&L Consulting

What we offer

Our studio consists of highly qualified experts who provide technical consulting services:

  • Court-appointed Technical Appraisal (CTU)
  • Party-appointed Technical Appraisal (CTP)
  • Truth Appraisal (Perizia Pro-Veritate)
  • Estimation Appraisals
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Services for Art - Art & Legal Consulting


Court-appointed Technical Appraisal (CTU)

Technical Consulting is carried out upon the fiduciary appointment of a Judge from the Court or a Justice of the Peace. The purpose of the Court-appointed Technical Appraisal (CTU) is to provide the Judge with technical evaluations pertaining to a dispute between two or more parties in any field within our specific expertise. This enables the Judge to enhance their understanding of the specific case with objective and merit-based considerations.

The evaluations are presented to the Judge through a written Expert Report (also known as a CTU Report), in which the court-appointed technical consultant provides precise, comprehensive, and detailed responses to all questions posed by the Judge when assigning the appointment.

The Technical Report is prepared by analyzing the case file containing documents provided by the parties. It involves further analysis of the elements, requesting additional documentation, conducting in-depth investigations, surveys, analyses, measurements, etc. The final document serves as a supplementary means to assist the Judge in clarifying the circumstances, understanding how events unfolded, determining any liabilities in relation to the facts, explaining and quantifying the extent of damages with attribution to the parties involved. The Judge, based on their own convictions and the analysis of the appraisal evaluations, will express their independent judgment.

Party-appointed Technical Appraisal (CTP)

Party-appointed Technical Consulting can be requested by one or more parties involved in a legal dispute. It does not constitute a piece of evidence but rather serves as a supporting element to the defense strategy, reinforcing legal arguments with technical considerations and aspects.

In order for the Party’s Technical Report to become a legitimate part of the legal proceedings, it must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit and submitted to the relevant court registry or, alternatively, directly delivered to the party’s legal representative, who will handle its proper submission according to the necessary procedures.

Truth Appraisal (Perizia Pro-Veritate)

A Truth Appraisal is an assessment of facts conducted by a professional who, due to their particular technical expertise in the subject matter and undeniable impartiality, deserves to be taken into consideration. Similar to an extrajudicial appraisal, the Truth Appraisal is certainly a technical and/or legal evaluation expressed outside of formal legal proceedings. It is typically attached to the case records due to its technical and scientific value. It is an initiative taken unilaterally to strengthen arguments that are deemed useful in enhancing one’s position and credibility. By its nature, it does not require a contradictory process. The opinion sought from the expert can be considered significant when it undergoes the process of notarization.

Estimation Appraisals

An Estimation Appraisal is requested when one intends to express an opinion on the value of a movable or immovable asset through a systematic analysis of its composition. It involves an overall analysis that leads to specific quantification using progressively detailed analysis frameworks. The estimated value of the asset is contextualized according to the purpose for which the appraisal is needed, using rigorous and universally recognized methods of appraisal commonly employed in expert appraisal operations.

The evaluation is defined as the comparison of collected data regarding the asset with similar or historical situations. The primary objective of an Estimation Appraisal is to formulate the most objective and analytical price possible, understood as the relationship between the characteristics of the asset and its monetary valuation.

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