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In Italy, thousands of artworks and objects are stolen from museums, warehouses, and private residences. These items often end up in the illicit market, reappearing in galleries, antique shops, and auctions.

The first and most effective deterrent to recover such goods and combat this illicit trade is a rigorous and accurate cataloging process carried out according to the Object ID method, defined by the Getty Research Institute.

This system is based on the compilation of descriptive cards and photographic documentation of each cataloged item. Such detailed documentation proves essential in the event of theft, both for filing an accurate report and for easily and definitively identifying the item once it is clandestinely introduced into the market.

At A&L Consulting, we systematically catalog art collections and assemblages using the Object ID method, adhering to the international standards established by the Getty Research Institute.

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Our consultancy offers art owners an effective strategy to protect and recover their assets. We collaborate with experts in cataloging, photography, and art management, ensuring accurate documentation and detailed registration of collections.

We recognize the importance of comprehensive and reliable cataloging for theft prevention, identification of stolen artworks, and their legitimate return to rightful owners. We are committed to providing professional and knowledgeable service to contribute to the fight against illicit art trafficking and the safeguarding of cultural heritage.

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