Landscape Heritage

Legal and administrative consulting services in the field of cultural heritage.

Consulting on landscape assets - A&L Consulting

What we offer

Are you planning a renovation or new construction project?

Are you located in an area subject to landscape and/or archaeological protection?

Is the property you wish to renovate considered a culturally protected asset?

Before facing penalties or work interruptions, we recommend consulting our consultancy firm. In addition to providing an opinion on the feasibility of the project, we can provide authoritative professionals to manage all stages of the work, ensuring that they are executed with skill and in full compliance with current regulations.

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Art Services - Art & Legal Consulting

Comprehensive regulatory support

Our experience in the field of cultural heritage enables us to offer comprehensive support in navigating the complex regulations governing the protection and preservation of artistic heritage. We collaborate with experts in various disciplines, including architects, archaeologists, and conservation specialists, working together to ensure the success of your project while safeguarding the cultural value of the asset involved.

By entrusting your project to our consultancy firm, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are supported by reliable professionals who will strive to execute your project flawlessly and in accordance with current regulatory provisions.

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