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Legal and administrative consulting services in the field of cultural heritage.

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What we offer

The field of consultancy in the field of artistic heritage is extremely broad, and below we list the areas of our specific expertise:  

  • Authenticity and attribution of artworks;
  • Verification of the legal origin of artworks;
  • Localization and restitution of cultural heritage;
  • Donations, inheritances, and generational transfers of artworks and collections;
  • Financing and guarantees for artworks;
  • Determination or verification of the adequacy of values for national and international artworks for purposes such as insurance, inheritance division, buying and selling, heritage evaluation, as well as for any other purpose not expressly reserved for other categories of professionals;
  • Conducting investigations to assess the conservation status of an artwork, the quality of its authenticity certification, the truthfulness of its exhibition history, and any other factors that may influence its valuation;
  • Management of artworks declared of historical and artistic interest;
  • Consultancy and organization services related to transportation, customs procedures, insurance coverage, and everything that can contribute to the preservation, movement, and protection of artworks;
  • Organization of exhibitions, management of collective spaces, and everything related to the trade of antiques, modern, and contemporary art.
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Comprehensive consultancy service

Our consultancy firm is composed of highly qualified experts who offer personalized consultancy and organization services in these areas, to ensure the proper management, conservation, and enhancement of artworks.

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